Vito Nucci

Vito Nucci was born in Martina Franca (TA, Italy) in 1957
From 1970 to 1987 he has lived in Basel (Switzerland)
Actually he is living in Fano (PU, Italy) where he has his art studio.
Marco Ferri (art critic) said of him and his famous “Scarabocchi” (scribbles): “What is striking in his painting is the genuineness of a gaze that seems to receive the data of childhood directly … I believe that the proof of his truest inspiration is that instinctive force, extroverted and vitalistic of the sign and of the pleasure of making colors explode, of imagining and building a different world, as her personal response to the chaos and pain of existence”.

March 2009 – Solo exhibition, Freiburg (Germany)
February 2009 – “Passaggio privato” solo exhibition, Milan
February 2007 – Solo exhibition, Freiburg (Germany)
May 2006 – “Segnalibro” collective exhibition, Florence
February 2005 – “Quattro Mani” dual exhibition Nucci Zeltman, Palazzo Gradari, Pesaro
February 2004 – Nucci-Diotallevi, dual exhibition Studio d’Arte Moderna, Trento
October 2003 – Heubre Gallery solo exhibition, Basel (Switzerland)
February 2001 – “Carnevale è arte”, collective exhibition, Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Fano
July 2000 – Solo exhibition of grafic art, painting and ceramic, Fano
May 2000 – Collective exhibition with artists Diotallevi and Veltman at Osteria del Teatro, Senigallia
November 1999 – Collective exhibition “Il Sentimento Agreste”, Cartoceto Theatre
July 1999 – Collective exhibition “Vie dell’Arte Comune”, Mondolfo
July 1999 – Collective exhibition “Atema Arte Giovani”, Fano
May 1999 – Solo exhibition at Chiesa (Church) Delle Zoccolette, Pesaro
April 1999 – Solo exhibition at Chiostro di S.Paterniano, Fano
December 1998 – Collective exhibition “Casa Telethon”, BNL Bank, Fano
July 1998 – Collective exhibition “Vie dell’Arte”, Mondolfo Municipality
December 1997 – “Rassegna Bucci” collective exhibition, Fossombrone
July 1997 – “Athema Arte Giovane” collective exhibition, Fano
December 1996 – Collective exhibition with Intenzioni Group at S. Arcangelo Auditorium, Fano
July 1996 – Collective exhibition with Intenzioni Group at Cagli
May 1995 – Collective exhibition with Intenzioni Group at S. Arcangelo Auditorium, Fano