Sales Conditions



The “Sayato” brand, the website and all communication channels – social and otherwise – are at the disposal of Interplanning S.a.S., Via Romita 9, 61122 Pesaro PU, VAT number and tax code 02249310414 and in the person of Alessandro Barulli, Administrator and Legal Representative.
Promotion and sales under “Sayato” are managed by the same legal entity.

General Terms

These sales conditions apply to all sales managed by Sayato, online and/or offline, both to clients (B2B) and consumers (B2C)


All artworks sold by Sayato are delivered with a “Certificate of Authenticity” as a legal proof of works’ origin and authenticity.
In some cases the Certificate is released by the Author him/herself and delivered by Sayato together with the artwork.
If the author’s certificate is not available, it will be Sayato – as an intermediary – who will take care of issuing the appropriate certificate required by Italian Law (Legislative Decree 42 of January 22, 2004).


Artworks sold through Sayato can be paintings, sculptures, photos, installations or any other items that can be classified as “work of art”,
including books and monographs.
They are all described with useful info to understand what you’re buying.
We apologize in advance for any errors, omissions, and/or misunderstandings in the descriptions.


The artworks are photographed by professional photographers and adapted for the best web display.
They do all their best to reproduce the items as they really are. In some cases pics may a little bit differ by the original artwork but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the items purchased much more than photos showed.


The purchasing process ends when you receive the order and payment confirmation by Sayato.
Once the order confirmation and successful payment, the buyer will print and/or store in electronic format the details of the purchase, as well as these General Conditions of Sale, as provided for in Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999 on distance selling.
If for some unforeseen and unforeseen reason – even with acceptance communicated to the customer – Sayato is unable to proceed with the shipment of the purchased works, the customer will be promptly informed and offered the following options:

– The chance to buy another artwork from Sayato’s catalogue

– Acquire a credit for the amount spent, for future purchases. The accrued credit has no time limit.

– To get your money back

No legal actions can be addressed to Sayato in case the above mentioned unforeseen reasons prevent from acceptance and shipment of your orders.


The public price of artworks sold by Sayato include the item value, the packaging and the cost of transport up to the destination written by the buyer during the purchasing process.
Price do not comprehend local taxes, VAT or import duties which are in charge to the buyer (we suggest to get more info about these extra expenses from your local authorities).


You may pay the amount due through SumUp, PayPal or through bank transfer as well.
All payment charges and conditions may differ and depend on these companies general conditions.
Please refer to them or your bank to be informed about the commissions and rules they apply.
Items purchased won’t be shipped until the money due will be credited to Sayato’s accounts.

Delivery Time

The shipment takes place in the shortest possible time.
For items in warehouse it takes just the time for packaging and pick up by the courier
For those not in the warehouse – e.g. those in the artist’s premises – the shipment will require a little bit more.
As soon as the artwork(s) leave for delivery you’ll be promptly informed receiving the tracking number to monitor the shipment


Unless differently specified all artworks are shipped by Sayato at its own charge, also for international shipments.
Shipment is made by express courier unless the type of item requires a different shipping agent.
All shipments are insured for the whole amount of the items purchased: please carefully double check the shipment upon arrival and inform us promptly about any shipment damages.
Please include in the message photos showing the damages occurred.


Depending on the type of work-painting, sculpture, print, photograph, etc. – you will receive your purchase in a cardboard box, tube, wooden packaging, or any other suitable packaging to prevent shipping and handling damage.
Because of the care we put on packaging we suggest to use the original one in case of return.

Return Policy

You have the right to return artworks sold by Sayato if they’re damaged or do not meet your expectations within 14 days from the receipt.
Return policy do not apply to prints and photos. Please be aware returns cannot be accepted for details clearly mentioned, like measures. The transport costs are entirely in charge for the sender, up to the final destination communicated by Sayato

Return process:
– send an email to to inform us about your intention and the reason(s) of returning the item(s) pack the artwork properly, to prevent any damage (we consider to keep the original packaging in case of return)

– pack the artwork properly, to prevent any damage (we consider to keep the original packaging in case of return)

– insure the transport for the whole value of the artwork (please refer to the amount written in the invoice)

– contact an express courier, able to ship back the artwork in the shortest time
send an email to providing the tracking number, so that we can monitor the shipment

***IMPORTANT*** – Do not proceed with shipping until you have received appropriate email from Sayato with the return code and shipping instructions. Failure to observe this procedure may result in the inability to proceed with subsequent reimbursement, if due.


In case you have decided to return items purchased from Sayato be aware that the reimbursement will be granted only after inspection of artworks returned.
Once checked they are in the same initial shipping conditions the money due will be credited using the same payment method you have used.
In case the reimbursement is not granted – e.g. because the item has been damaged – Sayato will take care of the artwork until the client collect it, at his/her own expenses.
The client is then free to ask for a reimbursement from the express courier that has managed the return shipping.

Law in Force

Sayato is subject to the Italian Law, the only one to refer to in case of legal controversy. Legal disputes are settled in front of Pesaro and Urbino (Italy) Court.

Changes, additions and modifications

Sayato has the right to modify these sales conditions according to new Italian Law disposals or its financial, fiscal and management reasons. Changes and updates are made directly on the web

Released on July 13, 2022