Ironmould was born in 1983 in Venosa, a small town in Southern Italy, one of those towns that offer you little, but make life enjoyable. One of those towns where, if you don’t have something to be passionate about, you’re done and, if you do, you leave to run after it.

His favorite things have always included drawing, illustrating and graphic design, but also arts and paintings, cartoons and comics, computers and technology…

It all really started when he was introduced to graffiti, in far away 1997, when he started using the alias Ironmould.

His enduring interests for visual communication and technology lead him to discover new forms of art and, eventually, to strengthen his knowledge by taking a course in Media Art at the Frosinone Art Academy.
Today, he lives and works in Milan.


There are certain worlds, those that we all see, that are made out of streets, houses, trees, people, machines. They’re always right before our eyes. And, they’re apparently objective. Then, there’s my world, made out of micro worlds, out of the mingling of shapes, lines and colors that tangle and generate animals, humanoid figures, creatures that are sometimes good, sometimes monstrous, all mixed in a vortex of liveliness and exasperation.

These micro worlds are not just a creative whim, or a virtuous attempt of abstraction, but rather a change of perspective, a new and extra-ordinary point of view in the approach to what is visible. To tell the truth, it’s all right there in front of everyone’s eyes. A particular form of pareidolia, that process that leads us to see objects and faces in the casual and disorganized shapes and images.

Try it. Look at my drawings: at first, you’ll probably see a chaotic composition and little more than that. But then, if you keep paying attention, you’ll start to recognize the first figures, until, slowly, a myriad of hidden beings will start to emerge from what first seemed no more than a shapeless heap of tangles, a purely abstract composition.

That’s my world, my micro worlds, the Littleworlds.