Roberta Guarinoni

Roberta Guarinoni was born in 1973, in Trento.

She is not easily definable, being a multifaceted artist. She remembers herself with colors in her hand since she was a child.
In her twenties, thanks to travels to Africa, she finds herself passionate about Tinga-tinga art (naive painting from Tanzania) and she begins to exhibit in various solo and collective exhibitions in her region.
Her paintings are in oil, the colors are bright, primary, the backgrounds are full.
At the same time, she devotes herself to writing, graphics and photography, collaborating with university newspapers and magazines, winning various competitions.

She completed her university studies in Rovereto, graduating from the three-year degree, the faculty of Cognitive Sciences and then the Master’s in Occupational Psychology, with full marks.
Roberta then attended the specialization in Freudian dynamic psychology, at the Cerp, of Trento, following, in parallel, the only one of his course, also the specialization school in Art therapy, Artedo, obtaining the title of Art therapist and psychotherapist at a short distance from each other.

She currently works as an Art Therapist Psychologist at the Bolzano hospital and in the CRPs (psychiatric rehabilitation centers) of Bolzano-Gries and Salorno. Privately, she offers workshops on art, art therapy and group and individual psychotherapy sessions; as an artist, she paints canvases and collaborates on different projects, related to her interests.

She says

“The beauty of my works is that they don’t have one (only) direction: they don’t want to have a direction, I mean in a literal sense – she explains – the visual perception is completely different depending on how they are hung, but this is the strength of my works; everyone discovers something in it that recalls his own personal experience, over which he/she stumbles, projecting himself into the work and reading it in a completely subjective way. They don’t even ask for a destination, they are free. They are the ones who choose and capture you, by affinity “.