Opposite extremes

Opposites attract, but the like walk together

Opposites attract but like-minded artists who value each other walk together.

Even if they are “Opposite Extremes.”

It is the case of Paola Zeppi, a talented artist known for her works based on CanvasReplay – restarting from the past, interweaving it with the present, to give birth to something that addresses the future in the name of one word: openness – and of Francis Diotallevi, who practically grew up on bread and art, having always navigated the world of ironic, irreverent and provocative illustrations.

Bringing them together, on a journey that may seem impractical to most, is Sayato‘s organizational madness, supported by Vittorio Raschetti‘s critical vision.

Paola and Francesco’s double solo exhibition represents a moment of pure creativity, uncompromising art and boundless stylistic languages, guided by beauty and the search for emotions.

Sense and nonsense, logical and illogical, colors that unite, meanings that divide, but also the exact opposite.

Everything and the opposite of everything.

The exhibition, on the premises of Gallery Isolo 17 in Verona, will be on view from Nov. 19 to 27 and will be opened by the vernissage on Saturday, Nov. 19, at 6:30 p.m.


Artists in the words of critic Vittorio Raschetti


Vivid patterns of acid colors sunk on a complicated web of repetitions, like Gordian knots entwined in the eccentric destiny of life. A chess game played with mirrors reflecting false symmetries in reverse, multiplying fleeting glances on tilted planes. Chromatic domino effect that engages a rhythm of duplications ready to fall into a kaleidoscopic deflagration of colors that re-emerge as burned worlds of life. The overall harmony is based on a multiplicity of visual trajectories that are offered in a plurality of tiles combined in a sophisticated and dynamic inlay of color-saturated patches. Games of dissonances and alternating tones to amplify volumes and suggest a mysterious geometry in the restlessness of the storm of unstoppable vibrating surfaces.


Noble perspicacity of thoughts illuminated by the playful side of imagination, flights of signs capable of amazement and floating suspended beyond the center of gravity of the obvious and common sense. An irreverent sabotage, a visual-grammatical short-circuit, a linguistic game that generates sparks, igniting meaning that eventually explodes into nonsense of only seemingly playful and goliardic taste. Microscopic anarchic universes seemingly carefree but, on closer inspection, ready to reveal the dystopian features of allegories of increasingly uninhabitable worlds that can be frequented only through the witticisms of the subtle play of irony. It is necessary to trigger expectations of regularity in the relationships between forms only to betray them with an unexpected dissonant detail. Like in that puzzle game that asks us to find the missing detail. Different detail turns out to be hidden thanks to the inertia of our memory image, which tends to repeat without listening to the simple truth of perception. The vision is innocence and purity of formal relationships between objects in their nascent state that offer themselves in a play of compositions that are always variant, always elusive, always irreverent. Visual poetic distillations, encounters in the void, escape routes from the obvious. Ditching in the impossible.