Yuki Nishimoto

Yu-ki Nishimoto was born on April 6th, 1988 in Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan).
He is a sumie artist, the traditional ink painting on paper.
Without being stuck to traditional techniques, he performs “boldness” and “strength” with his dynamic and delicate techniques. His work is not only classic one such as dragons and samurai, but also modern one such as athletes and musicians.
He performs “live paint” at international events and TV programs.
In 2015, he released new modern art, “ceramic painting” with Nishimoto’s new technique.

The first personal exhibition “Ryu no Kiseki Exhibition” was held at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in January 2018. This exhibition attracted 45,000 spectators in a month and became a big hit that was a mobilization record at the museum.
Since that Yu-ki exhibited in solo and collective events, both in Japan and abroad.

In 2021 he was chosen as a sumie painter who tells the appeal of Paralympics, and he painted work in the official program of Paralympics “Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Official Program” Tokyo 2020

In 2020 Yu-ki appeared with his interview on “NHK WORLD JAPAN” the most important TV channel in Japan. It has been broadcasted to 160 countries simultaneously, and then it is broadcasted for one year with multilingual subtitles.

In 2019 Yu-ki Nishimoto designs Rayquaza with sumie for Pokémon GO “Different colors of Rayquaza”.
Coinciding with the appearance of “Black Rayquaza in Different Colors” in “Pokémon GO” for a limited times, this work was displayed on the wall of SHIBUYA 109 for August 7th to 21st.

In 2018 he contributed his works on the art board in the food court of the new Fukuoka Airport building. He imagined the 7 prefectures of Kyushu as the gateway of Asia and he also prayed the safety of trips, so he draw 7 dragons on a 7m×3m art board.
The same year he was invited by the briefing reception of the Rugby World Cup 2019 for overseas media and sponsored by Japan National Tourism Organization. Yu-ki painted Japanese traditional
sumie with his boldness touch. This became the first world transmission about Rugby World Cup Japan that took place in the following year.
In 2016 he got the offer from Deaf Volleyball All Japan Team to make team uniform T-shirts. The new T-shirt he painted was shown at World Championship in July.
October that year Yu-ki was invited to perform a live painting as a special guest in front of 150 Ferrari’s owners and the 2003 F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher at “Water Capital Osaka Festival Ferrari Riverside Party 2016”, held in Dotonbori, Osaka City.
Then Yu-ki was invited to the official banquet of FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016 where he performed live paint. At that time, Yu-ki Nishimoto’s sumie work was presented by JFA as an official present to Chairman of FIFA Gianni Infantino. The event was spread worldwide by Associated Press.

In 2015 he appeared in the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) general live television special “Sakura in full bloom! Stars are perfect! Memorable “Cosmic View”” during which he performed live from Daigoji Temple, a World Heritage Site in Kyoto.
In July that year he appeared as an artist at the largest rock event in Kyushu “Number Shot 2015” , which gathered 20,000 people. He performed live paint as a sumie artist among music artists.

In 2014 he was the only Japanese artist invited Hong Kong “OMEGA presents Ambassador Ball 2014 “Sustaining Time” and he performed LIVEPAINT. This work “Dragon” was sold on auction at Christie’s for HK $85,000.

In 2012 he received the World’s Best Award at Florida, USA “Embracing our differences” contest between 5,300 participating works from 63 countries.